Deputy is the collaboration between classical pianist/singer-songwriter Aubrie Wienholt and composer/musician Charlie Harper. Their debut collaboration, Room Service, a 4-song EP, features a 90s indie-rock vibe mixed with folk influences that showcase Wienholt’s “...delicate and breathy vocals..”(Mark Papadatos, Digital Journal) against Harper’s rhythmic melodies. Together, their chemistry is palpable and felt between the highlights of wonder, love, and search for self-direction.

     Harper, a Texas native, began pursuing a music career in Austin, Texas at 18 with an eclectic influence of Led Zeppelin, Radiohead and more.  As his musicianship expanded, he mastered a variety of instruments on the touring circuit, ranging from bass to guitar to percussion. In Austin, Harper refined his talent before touring nationally, which led him to Los Angeles.

      Terrie Marroquin (TLynnTalent) introduced the two at a Grammy party in 2015. “When we first met, we knew we could bounce ideas off of each other,” she explains. “We had our first meeting at my old studio in Los Feliz, and even with the little equipment I had at the time, we discovered our musical chemistry and immediately began creating. Our sound has evolved since then and continues to grow more intimate and explorative at every session.”

      Wienholt’s passion began in her country home of Stewartstown, Pennsylvania.  A classically trained pianist, the young vocalist brings discipline and a sense of purpose to her music. Wienholt’s musical upbringing fostered her sound with the influences of Stone Temple Pilots, Dolly Parton, Stevie Nicks, and more. In the duo’s debut EP, her vocals, lyrics, and chord progressions complement Harper’s guitar riffs and production. United, they bring a new sensibility to the indie rock scene, incorporating their own unique sound with a myriad rock, country and classical influences. The duo released their current project, Room Service, on Valentine’s Day 2018.